Midwest Color 2021 Award Winners

Best of Show

Tracy Frein, CPSA, CPX - Picture of my Dreams

The judge admired the magnitude of the piece. The concept, textures, layers, contrast and execution are all very pleasing. The engagement for the viewer of interpreting the dreams was an enjoyable experience.

Award of Excellence

Rochelle Niederman - Quit!

The judge enjoyed the play between the soft, abstract background paired with the superbly detailed horses. It captures an entertaining interaction between the two horses.

Award of Merit

Gail Collier, CPSA, CPX - Departure of Memory

The judge favored the use of the complimentary colors of blue and orange and the colors within the shadows. Also appreciated was the transition of the life-size tufts of cotton into clouds and continuing into wisps and the possible meaning of the symbolism.

Honorable Mention

Jeanne Bogar, CPSA - Life is a Cabernet

The judge was pleased with the use of color, sunlight and shadows in the piece.

Also enjoyable was the pull between the ambiguous background and detailed foreground.

Judges Mention

Travis D. Erby, CPSA - Space Amoeba

The judge appreciated the scale, mood and the abstract quality of the piece.

The color choice is enjoyable and brings a futurist feel to the piece.

Ric Forney, CPSA - Ride ’n the L

The judge found the reflections and composition fascinating. Capturing the nighttime lighting was done very successfully.

John Middick - Lucas

The judge appreciated the excellent execution of the piece. The use and placement of the blue and orange complimentary colors are intriguing, harmonious.

Diane L. Radtke - Hibiscus in the Spotlight

The balance of the image with the negative space was pleasing to the judge and there is a radiant quality of the sunlight shining on the flower.