May 15th meeting with David R Becker

Since 1979, David has spent all of his artistic life and career in the city of Chicago. Becker studied at American Academy of Art in Chicago. After studying at The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Becker went into illustrating for a major advertising agency J. Walter Thompson and later for Foote Cone and Belding. He also started teaching around the country, right out of school, but always found time for his favorite ambition, creating fine art paintings. David is the author of Watercolor Composition Made Easy, and How to Sketch with Watercolor. Becker’s works in many mediums, including watercolors, acrylics, color pencil and Oils... he is mostly recognized for his scenes of Chicago. and his Armed Forces paintings. David will be demonstrating with Holbein Colored pencils on 2 different drawings, one on Stonehenge White paper and also on Stonehenge Aqua Black. The demonstration will not be done like a traditional super tight colored pencil painting but more in a different looser style. David works with Holbein Colored Pencils and also uses a new product that Holbein has come up with to blend the colored pencils with. Attached are 2 colored pencil paintings done on Stonehenge Aqua Black