A Request From Vera Curnow

This quarantine has certainly given us lots of time to work on our art and experiment with new creative projects (you can always clean out that closet another time!) Reading your newsletters and Facebook posts, I see how innovative most of you have been in keeping your members active and connected. Good for you!

Amazingly, my life has not changed that much with the new shelter-in-place lifestyle (Hmm?) While I miss my students and civilization in general, CPSA still gives me a reason to wake up, change my pajamas, and have an intimate relationship with my computer (his name is Bruno).

Let’s talk about To The Point. It’s never ending. Good News: the May issue is at the printers. (You should get it by June 1.) Whew! CJ and I can take a breath … but the next day, it’s time to work on the November issue. Filling 76 pages every five months is very challenging...

HELP! Right now, I’m working on an article about “Alternative Exhibition Spaces.” You know, non-gallery settings that will feature your work (i.e., restaurants, hospitals, offices, pet stores, animal shelters, apartment house lobby, etc.) I’d like to hear from those members who show (or have shown) their art in non-traditional places. (One member shows his cp paintings of vintage cars in the showroom of an antique car dealer.)

If you will share your story, please include

what was the venue

  • was the subject of your artwork specific to it

  • were you contacted by them or did you pursue the venue

  • did you sell anything

  • was there a commission on sales

  • would you do it again

  • any amusing tidbit you’d like to share

— text of around 600 (give or take) words

— a high-resolution image of your artwork (shown in the exhibition space … or not!)

— Deadline by June 30 please.

Any suggestions you and your members may have is greatly appreciated. If you have an idea; if you can express it in writing” your article and artwork may be featured in TTP.

Thank you. Stay safe and keep in touch,

Vera Curnow, CPSA, CPX

Founder Colored Pencil Society of America