May 19th Meeting

"Capturing Your Creativity" with Jill King

This is going to be an exciting meeting workshop designed to assist you toward unblocking self-imposed barriers to creativity, so you can transcend everything you know and draw freely. Explore the freedom and flow of the drawing process by participating in an afternoon of guided exercises and fun filled exploration. Designed for both budding and seasoned artists, together we will experiment with; line, movement, energy by collaboratively sketching to music, experimenting with gesture/contour drawing and thought provoking exercises. Interactive discussions will take place throughout the workshop. Bring your colored pencils and capture your visions on paper!

"Artmaking is not a job. It is a means to nourish my soul. It gives me great pleasure to observe my imagination as it materializes through creative practice. I plan on making art till the day I die. Hope I leave this life, an old woman, working on an artwork in the studio." ~Jill King

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