A Special Message from our President


We are facing an important time in the life of our Chicago Chapter. Several members who have served faithfully, some over many years and in several positions on the Board, are not able or willing to continue at this time. We thank them sincerely and value their service and accomplishments, enabling us to grow and promote the art of colored pencil in Chicago and surrounding communities in Illinois and beyond. We rely on members volunteering to take jobs essential to keeping us healthy and growing. Even though we have made needs known, several positions remain unfilled, and new positions are now open. In addition, in 2022, our treasurer and I will be stepping down from our positions, having already served two or more terms.

Your Board is in the process of seeking members who would contribute to the ongoing governance of the Chapter, and you may be approached regarding taking a position. Additionally, we hope that if you believe you have an interest or aptitude for a position, you will notify us of your willingness to participate. The job descriptions may help you decide a role that may be appropriate for you. It is our intention that all our positions be filled. Positions may be shared by more than one person. We also have current and former leaders who will gladly and graciously share expertise and advice to help make smooth transitions. Without participation, Chapter work suffers, with the possibilities of over-burdening those serving, or of even having the Chapter cease to exist. Please consider how you might be part of keeping our Chapter functioning well. The duties of each position are outlined in our By-Laws, published on our website, but more details about each position are given below. We happily report that two of our positions have been recently filled. Dava Dahlgran has agreed to produce our Chapter newsletter, and Denise Wilson will be taking over our website. If you are interested in also learning about these positions or helping with them in the year ahead, please let them know. These are Board-appointed positions and therefore do not require a vote from our Chapter members.

The following are Board-appointed positions. They are currently open and we are looking for volunteers willing to fill them now:

MEMBERSHIP   Cathi Bartels has served as our membership chairperson. She maintains a list of Chapter members status and contact information. Renewals are due by January 1, with most renewals coming prior to November 1, the deadline to receive the fall issue of To the Point, CPSA International’s biannual magazine. New members join throughout the year. Payments come via checks or through our Chapter account at PayPal. When Cathi receives a check, she sends it to our treasurer, who deposits checks and PayPal payments in our Chapter bank account. Knowledge of entering data in a document and sending out messages to members through email and MailChimp are part of this appointed position, as well as participating on the Chapter Board. Cathi will be leaving the chapter on January 1 and is available before then to help a new membership chairperson.

WORKSHOP CHAIRPERSON   Kimberly Mullarkey has served for several years and completed implementing our annual fall two-day art workshop for 2021. We need help with a fall workshop in 2022. The workshop chairperson coordinates decisions such as workshop presenter and content, dates, times, venue, transportation, an advertising flyer, and so forth, with Board help and approval. We make decisions early in the year as presenters’ schedules often fill quickly. Actions include an exchange of emails or phone calls, perhaps a visit to a hotel or other site where the workshop is held and providing or arranging some logistics and supplies for the presenter and participants. Workshop payments are sent on to the treasurer, who provides payments for the presenter and venue. We hold the workshop in October, coinciding with our annual chapter show. We used Fairfield Inn in Schaumburg for our last two in-person workshops. Our 2020 workshop was conducted via Zoom. Kimberly is happy to share her expertise and documents with the new workshop chairperson.

The following member-elected positions are currently filled. We are seeking volunteers to agree to be nominated in April and voted on in May. These positions will fully transfer in late summer of 2022, starting with our Chapter planning meeting in August. However, transitional training takes place over the summer, so the new treasurer and president are ready to serve by then.

TREASURER   Tracy Frein has faithfully served our Chapter in many positions over the years. He is currently in his third term as treasurer, and he is ready to step away from this position as we will elect a new person in May. The treasurer maintains our Chapter checking account and checkbook, pays Chapter bills with Board approval, provides documents to the Chapter and National as requested, reports a balance statement at our meetings, and deposits funds from checks and PayPal. No formal financial experience is necessary. Tracy will help the new treasurer take over the duties and records.

PRESIDENT   I will have served two terms as Chapter president as we elect a new president in May. As in our democracy, a change in leadership should bring new strengths, vitality, and ideas to the group. The president oversees Chapter operations, leads Board and Chapter meetings, helps ensure we fulfill our stated purposes of education and promotion of colored pencil art, and helps foster a spirit of cooperation and goodwill in our Chapter. As a Board, we make decisions together with discussion and compromise. Duties include review and approval of Chapter publications, a president’s letter for the newsletter, communicating with CPSA National leadership on behalf of our Chapter, and providing help as needed to our Board and members to carry out the work of the Chapter. The president also maintains login and password access to Chapter-owned accounts. I will happily help our new president, as I have received much encouragement and advice from our present and past Board.
We welcome questions and requests for further information as you consider how you may help. We are all volunteers and sharing our talents and experience with administrative responsibilities or a willingness to learn are essential to the life of our Chapter. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested. You may contact me directly, or any Board member for more information.
With appreciation for your consideration,

Linda Hilderbrant, President, DC-103 Chicago