Our chapter is asking for our members to consider taking a position on our Chapter Governing Board. National CPSA requires that we maintain a Board of at least three elected officers and two directors, either appointed or elected, to continue operating as a CPSA chapter. Our current need is to elect a new secretary and a new vice-president. We describe the duties of these positions in our by-laws. Basically, the vice-president helps to coordinate programs that the Board has decided to present and fills in for the president when absent. The secretary takes notes to provide minutes for the Board meetings and may help with correspondence on occasion. Each term is for two years, and we plan to take nominations at our April and/or May meetings and take votes for these positions in our May meeting. In addition, we need someone to serve as workshop chairperson. This is an appointed position that does not require a members’ vote. It involves having a seat on the Board and helping to set up our annual chapter sponsored workshop.


We are asking all our members to consider serving. If you decide to accept a nomination your official duties would begin in August, when we traditionally have a Board planning meeting to decide on dates and subjects for our program year. We all work together to make this happen. The current vice-president, Denise Wilson, and secretary, Beth Daleo, will be available along with the rest of the Board members to share their expertise and help you become familiar with your new tasks. Kimberly Mullarkey will help a new workshop chairperson learn the tasks involved in that position. We are committed to helping each other so that our chapter can be a positive experience and asset to all our members as we pursue our art.

Will you consider helping, particularly if you have not served previously? We would love to have you take a more active role. Everyone benefits with more member participation.  No previous experience is necessary, just a willingness to serve and help make DC-103 work for all of us. Please contact any Board member with any questions or to offer to help.  

Thank you for considering helping.