Help Wanted for Board Positions

The elected positions on the Board of our chapter due for renewal this year are President and Treasurer. Your officers
make sure the chapter can continue to function well and bring opportunities throughout the year that will enhance
skills and enjoyment of your art. We are seeking volunteers to fill these open positions. Those who step forward will
be voted on in May and begin their terms in August when the Board meets for our annual planning session. These
positions are for a two-year term, and the duties of each are described below and in our Bylaws document, available
on our chapter website.

If you are interested in serving in either position or have questions, please contact any of the Board members. While
we would all rather be working on our artwork, we depend upon members volunteering to help with the business
of the chapter, and we work together to help each other and make sure any needed work gets done. You will find us
ready and willing should a need arise.

Because of the pandemic and our decision to cancel the May meeting, we will offer an email vote to our members.
The names of candidates for each office will be on a ballot we will email, and you will be able to make your choice.
We plan to allow a ten-day period, May 17-May 27, for the vote. Thank you in advance for your participation.


The duties of the President include presiding over the meetings of the Board and members, and generally supervising the activities of the Chapter in accordance with our bylaws. With Board approval, the President may appoint members to additional positions needed for the chapter that may arise. The President also reviews and approves the content of any material sent out or published by the chapter and writes a letter for the issues of our Newsletter. The President may also sign checks for approved expenditures and is the main chapter contact with the National CPSA


The Treasurer oversees the funds and banking account of the chapter and pays expenses with Board approval. A financial report is made at each meeting. There is no special requirement or credential for the Treasurer position. Experience managing your own checking account and keeping personal records is the only qualification needed.

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