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January 19, 2020 Meeting

We hope you had some fun with our challenge "A Month of Sundays" drawing project! If you did work on a sketchbook, please bring it with you to the meeting and share with others. We also encourage 'Show and Tell' items! We will be viewing slide shows from the International show and Explore This! 15. As a reminder, in the case of inclement weather we will decide to cancel the meeting and post a notice on our website by 9 am.

Financial Spam Attack

Deborah Maklowski, CPSA President, sent us this letter requesting that we pass it on to our members. It is a little long but it is important to read. Dear chapter colleagues, We have recently learned that a financial scam was directed against the board members of one of our CPSA district chapters. We want to make sure you are all aware and are on guard against any future scams of this kind. PLEASE SHARE THIS EMAIL WITH ALL YOUR CHAPTER MEMBERS. We have no way of knowing who will be the target of the next attempt. In this case, we think the scammer was able to contact the chapter's board members directly because their personal email addresses were available from the chapter's website. The sca

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