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Save the Dates

There are only two more regular meetings, April and May and you won't want to miss either one! The first half of the April 14 meeting is with Paige Clark from Legion Paper. She will show a short Powerpoint presentation to talk about Legion Paper, then discuss the different papers Legion has to offer for both Colored Pencil and Mixed Media. The second half of the meeting is with Len Bielefeldt from Art Box 5. He will focus on matting, framing and shipping your artwork for galleries and shows. If time permits we will have an informal discussion with some of our members sharing their experience with preparing their artwork to ship and show. Our May 19 meeting will be a Creativity Workshop with

April Meeting

Please note that the April Meeting is on the 14th due to the library being closed on the 21st. If you have any questions about matting and framimg your artwork for a show, you won't want to miss this meeting. Len Bielefeldt from Art Box 5 will be doing a presentation on matting, framing and what is best when showing in a gallery. Some of our more experienced members will be answering questions and sharing their knowledge about shipping your artwork. There might be even more at this meeting so be sure to check in here for future updates! We hope you're busy finishing your piece of the Chicago Skyline; we'd like to have the completed pieces by the May meeting.

March 2019 Meeting

We hope you've marked your calendar for our March meeting which will be a hands-on meeting. Tracy Frein found an amazing picture of the Chicago skyline that he separated into 20 pieces. He also provided prepared sheets of drawing paper and at the February meeting we each selected a piece of the skyline. There are still pieces available and at the March meeting we will be working on the individual parts of the Chicago panorama. Bring some pencils, sharpeners, and erasers. Afterwards your Co-Presidents will be having 'coffee and' at Baker's Square (located about a block away from the Library.) We hope you'll join us as we try to get to know each other. Our March meeting is Sunday 17th at 1:30

February Critique Meeting Recap

Our Critique meeting was well attended and included amazing artwork. Beth Shadur gave insightful and helpful information not only with each drawing but also insight regarding green in nature, matting artwork to show, and so much more. I think we all left the meeting a little wiser. You can view photos of the critique on our photo album page.

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